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 January 1st, 2017                                                                                               


Dear 2017 Softball Player/Parent/Guardian:


Believe it or not, softball season is just around the corner.  As you know, all players must register to play.  Again this year, we are offering Online Registration through our website www.ellingtongirlssoftball.org.  Simply sign on to our website, click on the Home Page tab, then the click on the Register Online tab on the left of the page and follow the instructions. You will also be able to register for player clinics at this time.  Online registration will be open from January 1st – March 1st. You will also receive an email with this information.  We encourage everyone to register online.


The following parents/guardians MUST also attend a registration session, even if registration is completed online:

*  League volunteers who have regular contact with players (coaches, umpires, team helpers, concession stand openers/closers).  Please complete the enclosed Little League Volunteer Application and bring it along with your driver’s license (we will need to make a copy of your license).

*  A parent/guardian of a new player to the League.  You may fill out the registration forms online if you already have a child in the League, but you need to bring the new player’s ORIGINAL, CERTIFIED birth certificate.  We will need to make a copy for our records.  New families to the League must complete the enclosed forms and bring them in along with the player’s original birth certificate and a parent’s driver’s license. 

*  If you are unable to register online – please complete the enclosed forms and bring them in.


The registration dates are as follows: TBD

UNIFORMS:  The league will continue to provide shirts (to be returned at the end of the season), socks and a visor (both which the player keeps). Light gray baseball pants are not provided by the league but are a part of the required uniform for Rookie, Minor and Major League players.  Therefore, you may need to purchase light grey baseball pants prior to the start of the season.  The League will provide shorts for each Senior League (age 13-16) player.  The shorts will need to be returned at the end of the season along  with the team shirt. 


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  As you know, in order for our league to be successful, adult volunteers are needed in different capacities.  There are several opportunities in our organization for you to volunteer.  Volunteering in some capacity will benefit your child’s overall experience in the program.


CONCESSION STAND:  Girls Softball will once again be responsible for working the concession stand with the Boys Little League.  Jay Fisher is the Co-Manager representing the Girls Softball League.  The Concession Stand is our League’s largest fundraiser, and it serves as a great convenience to players and spectators.  Without enough volunteers, the stand will not be able to remain open.  All families will be expected to work the stand a minimum of one time during the season, a very minimal commitment.  (See enclosed form for more information).



Please contact me if you have any questions.  See you soon!


Keith Jarvis

President, Ellington Girls Softball Little League

(860) 904-8626 / egspresident1@gmail.com