Batting Cage Instructions
Batting Cage Instructions
  • Schedule cage use through Marcus DeBaise as you would any other practice.
  • Incorporate a full practice using batting cage/pitching machine, sliding pad and tee.
  • Go to green storage box at Brookside Field #1 - key to Brookside Storage Building (back of concession stand) is on a large plastic key holder.
  • Pitching machine, pitching machine balls, extension cords and sliding pad are in the storage building - back door located at Concession stand.
  • Plug extension cords into outlet on the scoreboard in back of field #1
  • Set up pitching machine in back of screen in cage.  Machine is set up so balls can go through hole in screen.  DO NOT stand in back of the hole when feeding machine  - balls can come back up the middle and you can get hit.
  • One batter and one person feeding the machine at a time.  Batter must wear a batting helmet.
  • Keep balls separated in bins by size 11" and 12".  It will minimize the amount of times you need to adjust the machine for accuracy.
  • Set up sliding pad and tee outside cage for two other rotations during a practice.  Use "lite flight" balls for soft toss - there is a bucket with very light balls.
  • Please make sure to put everything away in the same place for the next user.  PLEASE PUT BALLS, EXTENSIONS CORDS and MACHINE AWAY NEATLY.


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